Optimization Tools

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  • TriZetto Optimization Tools

    TriZetto Optimization Tools is a suite of tools designed specifically to automate operational tasks associated with TriZetto core healthcare technology solutions—tasks such as migrating and managing configurations, keeping security data synchronized among environments, and speeding the auto-enrollment process.

    Because change is a constant with which all health plans must deal, these tools add real value, making it easier to promote and manage system configuration changes. Whether such changes are the result of software implementations/upgrades, new lines of business, new products, acquisitions or expansions of member/provider groups, or improvements in administrative efficiency, the tools in TriZetto’s Optimization Tools suite support and smooth change management and help ensure quality outcomes.

    Our advanced healthcare IT solutions enable the shift away from ad hoc projects and toward the automation of complex processes, thereby reducing the amount of time – and therefore the cost – of managing business configuration demands. The current tools are:

    • Claim Test Pro™
    • Configuration Maintenance Tool
    • Configuration Migration Utility (for Facets™ & QNXT™)
    • Facets Enrollment Toolkit
    • Test Data Generator for Facets™
    • Security Management Tool
    • Supplemental Mapping Management Tool for Facets™