Network Management Solutions

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    Your provider network is critical to your business. Managing it effectively is critical to your success.  

  • Network  management solutions  with the TriZetto® NetworX Suite® of products.

    Managing your provider network is a challenge. The impact of healthcare reform is significant. Provider contracts are increasingly complex. And the intense pressure to reduce costs adds tension to provider relationships. More than ever, superior network management solutions and network data analysis are critical to your success. That’s why TriZetto offers a leading solution for managing your network effectively and cost-efficiently.

    The TriZetto® NetworX Suite® of products is a reliable, comprehensive approach to network management, helping you get greater value for every healthcare dollar you spend, from contract analysis and claims pricing through value-based-reimbursement administration. The NetworX Suite of products includes the NetworX Modeler®, NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™ and NetworX Pricer® solutions. Together, these highly flexible and easy-to-use solutions increase administrative efficiency, support your compliance with regulatory standards, and help you manage both the cost and quality of care.



  • TriZetto Advantage Services®

    While TriZetto’s network management applications can help you achieve dramatic results, when you combine these solutions with TriZetto Advantage Services® you’ll see results faster. That’s because no one has more experience managing and implementing TriZetto applications than TriZetto itself. With TriZetto Advantage Services, you’ll experience easier implementations and integrations, smoother process transitions and faster business transformation. That translates to measurable results and a competitive edge. Learn more about TriZetto Advantage Services now.